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  1. WOW!
    If you noticed on Voss’ 4-6-7 pick-up in the 4th, that he was able to bounce both the 4 and the 7 out of the pit!
    Now that’s some power my friend!!! Or maybe just some lively pins! hehe! 😀

  2. The 7 kicked hard off of the bowling ball, and the 4 got double kicked by the ball as well. It had nothing to do with the impact, the pins couldn’t get into the pit.

  3. Mark Williams was the first to convert the 4-6-7 on TV my friend. Also, did anyone notice that, not only did Voss eject the 4-pin out of the back, but the 7-pin also came out of the back after bouncing off the top of the ball in the pit. Furthermore, Voss almost converted the 7-10 that he left right after his 4-6-7. Though it doesn’t look like it, he was incredibly close to doing it again.

  4. @Bowler4Ever all i have to say is you would know that, when generally bouncing out has mostly to do with angle and roll.

  5. @lilmikeBaSsKiNg20 Pete David Weber is his full name. How official is it? i’m not too sure but yeah thats his full name

  6. This is one of my favorite PBA moments-BV converting the 4-6-7! In some centeres,there is an animation of a “Killer shot” when you convert a split,and at times they show this moment.Today,I converted a possible,but very difficult split-the 2-6-10.And btw,I really hate it when I leave a 4-6-10,4-6-7 and especially a 4-6 because they’re impossible.Only luck helps as BV showed.

  7. @Fukkensaved It is possible to slide one over before the ball actually falls in the gutter. I’ve never done it myself because I’m neither that good or lucky, but I have seen it. Once. One of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen in bowling.

  8. I agree with that because Mark Roth converted it on an A-2, John Mazza ans Jess Stayrook converted it on an AMF. I can relate this to a Wii. On Wii Sports you are more likely to bounce pins out than Wii Sports Resort. I can only bounce out pins on Wii Sports Resort when I hook the ball to the left side of the 4-8 to make the 8-pin bounce out. That’s how I made the 4-8-10. It’s on YouTube so you can see it.

  9. That is actually incorrect. Jess Stayrook converted the 7-10 on a Brunswick JetBack machine. You’d think it were an AMF due to the sweet. But the rake assembly was modified to handle the AMF sweeps, a common thing with owners of centers with JetBack machines.

  10. You are absolutely correct. It’s almost impossible to make the 8-10 so sliding the 7-10 is VERY impossible.

  11. PBA Hall Of Famer 34-time titlist and right-hander Mark Roth made the 7-10 in 1980 in Alameda, CA on a Brunswick A-2 setup, bouncing the 10 out into the 7, this is the most common way a right-hander attempts it, on the other hand lefty and 8-time titlist John Mazza made his 7-10 in 1991 in Sunrise, FL at the (now-defunct) Don Carter’s All-Star Lanes – Sawgrass, on an AMF 82-70 setup by bouncing the 7-pin out of the pit and into the 10, and also in 1991, 7-time titlist and left-hander Jess Stayrook did it at Golden Pin Lanes in Tuscon, AZ by bouncing the 7-pin off the left sideboard and-into-the-10 across the back of the pindeck on a Brunswick JetBack setup.

    Three different ways of attacking the 7-10 split, and I agree with Matthew Gaming, trying to make the 7-10 on a GS-X (or GS-96 or GS-98) is literally impossible because of that swinging curtain in the back at the end of the lane that almost deadens any pin that touches it, but what a GREAT split conversion by Brian Voss when he made the 4-6-7!!!

  12. 4:32 – Brian Voss CONVERTS 4-6-7 SPLIT!!! The 4 pin comes out from the back and takes down the 6 pin! That is the most amazing split conversion I’ve ever seen!

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