20 Comments on “2004 Bowling US Open: Final: Brian Voss vs Pete Weber-2”

  1. I hear so much about Pete dropping the trophy after this match!

    I hope I get a chance to see that someday

  2. He dropped the trophy during the presentation of the 1991 US Open event. Mrbowling300 has that video posted.

  3. @i3enthebowlerkid

    It’s supposed to help with focus and concentration. A quick google search showed that it is a device filled with components that aren’t even connected with each other! hahaha. All due respect to Pete Weber, I think he got duped on this one. The power of placebo.

  4. Anyone who has seen Family Guy, check out 2:02. Someone says “C’mon, Brian” and it sounds exactly like Meg Griffin.

  5. @gunstariq it was a different US open and he didnt drop it, it wasnt put together properly and it fell apart when he lifted it

  6. clothahump1: Your so right. Generation issue. He’s just a show-off. My Ex wife’s man is like that, in a different way. Thinks he has a lot of money to throw around to impress people but he’s just a big “Fake”. lol.

  7. Voss lost it. He slowed down his delivery and that made the ball over and under react, depending on how strong his releases were. Flush on the headpin or weak pocket hits.

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