2004 Earl Anthony Classic

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2004 PBA Earl Anthony Classic held in the Fisher Pavilion in Seattle, Washington. The first match features Norm Duke versus Lonnie Waliczek. The second match features Walter Ray Williams Jr versus Mike Scroggins. The third match features Steve Jaros versus Lonnie Waliczek. The championship match features Lonnie Waliczek versus Walter Ray Williams Jr.

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36 Comments on “2004 Earl Anthony Classic”

  1. Sad thing was Waliczek did it the next week against Weber. I remember watching this live, I thought that was a great shot off his hand.

    1. I remember that too back to back 10th frame weeks like that, and im pretty sure we never saw him again

  2. Making a mark in the tenth frame isn’t as easy as it sounds. I’ve seen so many tournaments where a dominant bowler opens in the tenth frame to lose. It’s happened to Mika, Belmo, and even Duke on the PBA50 tour just to name a few.

    1. still a great bowler. But I know what you mean.. Had the pleasure of meeting him on a couple of occasions, He was always so nice… Humble..

  3. Lonnie Waliczek: 222
    Norm Duke: 202

    Walter Ray Williams Jr: 279
    Mike Scroggins: 243

    Lonnie Waliczek: 257
    Steve Jaros: 198

    Walter Ray Williams Jr: 211
    Lonnie Waliczek: 205

    Williams Jr Wins!

  4. Walter ray Williams Jr dodged a bullet when Lonnie waliczek left and could not convert the 1 2 4 6 10 washout to win the earl Anthony classic presented by storm

    1. @Douglas Harris It’s not a spoiler. You go to the comments to talk about the video after you’ve watched it. I hope that you’re trolling

    1. And I don’t understand why they do it. Between them and yacovarb post the events, I don’t want to watch unless the postings are 1st deleted or I take a look at the description first.

    1. @bob gol and? im pretty sure thats never happened before ever.. 5 that make show always always have splits or missed singles or opens.. always

  5. Norm looked old here.. fast forward 17 years and he’s still getting W’s against the young guys.. :O

  6. I’ve been watching a lot of these older shows lately, man I miss bowling. Stupid virus needs to go away!

    1. I agree.. beginning of league I bowled an event at another house and ended up with a pulled hamstring on slide foot side and I missed4weeks of bowling so i may get 50 percent of league games this season. Really bummed.

  7. Advice to any bowler ever stepping up in the 10th needing a spare for victory. Tell yourself you need a STRIKE. Bowling isn’t golf, where you can aim at the “safe side” of the green. The only safe shot in bowling is ten in the pit.

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