10 Comments on “2005 Norm Duke vs Randy Pederson Part 1”

  1. In the last frame, Randy did throw a very good shot, that would have given a strike 90% of the time.
    Still, he blames someone in the crowd… and go nuts about it, for badluck. Why?
    Well, he needed to win to keep his PBA tour card, and he didn’t. He blew a fuse, as simle as that! You wouldn’t? Most of us would too, maybe not the same way tho 😉

    1. I don’t wish that. I wish they were all played in normal bowling centers. I hate those manufactured set ups.

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  2. I was at that event and a Duke fan but I had the chance to talk to Randy afterward about bowling ball layouts for that event….5x5x2. I know he was disappointed but I’m still glad he still with us as a commentator! Spectacular personality and a nice guy!

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