20 Comments on “2005 Norm Duke vs Randy Pederson Part 2”

  1. I see ESPN keeps flashing that this was in 2005, but I seem to remember this happenning in 2004….I’m 99.9 percent sure about this

  2. ok i know this is from a year ago…but when is the last time YOU have ever had dead silence at a bowling center while releasing the ball???? i remember back when the crowed could cheer and hoot while the bowlers were bowling…it’s unaturual for it to be silent while bowling.

    1. Actually, despite what happens TODAY, silence while pros were bowling used to be the norm.

      Someone made the stupid argument that it was noisy during football, basketball and baseball games, but with fewer exceptions, the fans weren’t sitting on top of the pros and there’s a lot more people playing those sports with bigger paydays. If you also notice, numbers of idjits shooting flash pictures while the bowler is trying to bowl, or saying nasty s#^&&y things to the bowlers to deliberately upset them doesn’t happen at those other sports.

  3. Easy to tell the crowd is pro-Duke and deservedly so. Hard to root for a guy like Pedersen who blames his misfortune on others.

  4. Who is this announcer? I know the analyst is Voss. But the lead guy? Doesn’t he know know to say Hambone and Yahtzee?

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