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  1. From what I have watched, it seems Norm Duke is one of the “good-sport players” in the PBA. I could be wrong, but it is what I have seen.

  2. Wow, randy got pissed off at the wrong person. He shouldve been more pissed at himself, that ball hit like a wet turd

  3. I cant figure out why Randy was upset with whoever that was moving around in the crowd, it didnt keep him from throwing a good shot

  4. Oranges and apples, my friend.
    In baseball, there is a constant, loud noise from the audience, to the point where it doesn’t break concentration because the players are used to it.

    Bowling is played in a silent environment with fewer spectators, so noises will break the concentration of the players. This is also true for golf, snooker etc.

    Point is, they’re different sports, played in different environments. Don’t argue as if they’re the same.

  5. Thank you Yakushii, I really appreciate it. Randy is a close family member and I appreciate the kind words. It is true people do not understand the pressure at that level.

  6. It’s the fact that he only says anything when a pin is left, not after his release. He just blames it on someone else only after he missed.

  7. It wasn’t the announcer… a fan was heckling and you can’t hear it on TV… And, by the way, don’t EVER compare pro bowlers to baseball or football players. Bowlers EARN their paychecks. These other “professional athletes” get paid whether they win or lose. Randy Pedersen is a great guy and was fighting for his career. Don’t be so quick to judge if you weren’t there. I was.

  8. Going to go ahead and call this like I see it. All the people saying Randy is a pro, he should be able to block that out have NEVER bowled a professional tournament or probably been to a live TV event. It’s one thing to block out external distractions during qualifying because there is a lot of noise around you. It’s a whole OTHER ball game when it’s dead quiet. Just like in golf the slightest sound will distract you in that situation no matter how good you are. Trust me I’ve been there and done that when it’s been quiet while bowling for a tournament. Was it in an arena on tv, hell no. But I can see when people aren’t really talking and just watching and then they do say something yeah it’ll catch you off guard. Just try and think people before making uneducated comments.

  9. Based on the comments here, I think there is a lot of confusion as to what actually happened.  On RP’s second ball in the 10th (first shot in this video), he was distracted on his approach by a crowd member who suddenly moved in his peripheral vision.  Anyone who has bowled competitively knows how distracting it can be when someone or something moves in to your field of vision in the middle of a shot.  Given the stakes here, I think RP was justified in asking the fan to be still during the shot.

    On the 3rd shot in the 10th (2nd shot in this video), where RP left the 7 pin, he was not blaming anyone for the miss, but rather responding to a fan in the crowd who was heckling him.  To be clear, a fan was heckling/mocking RP about losing his tour exemption.  RP was pointing out what a classless move it was on the fan’s part for heckling given the circumstances – he was NOT making excuses for missing the shot.  There is a big difference between the two.

    1. Randy is a joke n he is terrible to listen to durimg events. Hes cocky n thinks hes a know it all.

    2. @Michael Griffith the man is a hall of Famer he knows more than a helluva lot of people do bout chunking the rock

    3. He must have some sorta special hearing that most mortal humans don’t have to instantly pick out and decipher somebody mocking him when all the sound around you is groans or screams. Not only that but to pick it out immediately, less than a second after the 7 pin was left standing he just started saying that stuff to the “fan”. What could the fan have possibly said in the the fraction of a second between those events?

      Now if the guy was heckling Randy before the shot and he got a glimpse of him but chose to ignore it and wait to call him out until after the shot/game then I could possibly understand that, but the other scenario just doesn’t add up to me.

    4. @USA Citizen Why is it people who call themselves US citizens are some of the largest flaming asses?

  10. Man I feel terrible for Pederson here.. From what a heard the fan deliberately made hand movements after the announcer got on the mic and told everyone to be still and silent while Randy was on the approach and during his shot.  But man that shot was for his career.. such a bad break.. Randy’s career sure was a roller coaster.

  11. on his last shot he never turned his head. he just made up that excuse. if you notice norm looked insulted that randy cryed.

  12. Imagine Pederson carrying on like Pete Weber over a fictional distraction as self-redemption for his own demise.

  13. The PBA Tour in the 90s had the crowd chanting and clapping while the bowlers were in their approaches…so, you either have noise or no noise. Randy threw a wide shot on the last ball, it was a bad shot. Given that you can strike on a bad shot in bowling, whereas you dont have such luck kicking a football thru uprights…I dont feel as bad. I feel bad about Randys Stone 8 vs weird Ernie Schlegel…that I feel bad about.

  14. I had people clap during dead silence on a 500 dollar strike shot and still Nailed it. All I see is the lane and the pins.

  15. I don’t know what was worse. Missing the 7 pin for a roll off, or missing the stone 8 against Ernie Schegel. Take your pick. I will read the responses.

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