29 Comments on “2006 Pete Weber vs Walter Ray Williams Jr. (Japan Cup) Part 1”

  1. He should have done the first two chops then jumped and did the third one like X-Pac used to do.

    1. @Chris Haney Greetings from ten years in the past. How are things in this decade? And probably. Bowlers are in shape, but Weber is like 5’8″ and like 140 pounds, or was anyway. I think.

  2. Found some JPBA ladies at 4:01 mark… From L to R: Tanigawa Akiko-pro, Tokimoto Mitsuko-pro, and Shimizu Hiroko-pro. Shimizu-pro is now with the LBO.

  3. OMG! I JUST LOOOVE How Walter [Williams, [Jr.]] ROLLS His Ball and SWINGS His Arm — ‘specially That FAMOUS “Back-Chop” at The [Very] End of His “Arm-Swing”!!💯💯💯💯💯🎳🎳🎳🎳🎳

    1. Pretty sure the pocket was the same size it always is. I’m sure you meant they had a lot of room from left to right that they could miss and still strike.

    2. @Chris Haney No. Spectacular pin action is usually a summation of the lane (level or unlevel, front/rear, left/right), updated or new baffells (the enclosure around, behind & above the pins which contains them) and the weight, composition and coating of the pins.

  4. Pete Weber has always been an A HOLE. He can bowl in a pro am with noise and crowd movement and still strike, yet during tournaments everyone has to be still and quiet?

    1. @Pamela Cass
      Superstition s have to be followed no matter what so it does not apply here. Just like MLB pitchers who won’t step on the foul line, they do it at practice as well.

    1. @Eric Gentilella lol yea just looked shorter to me for some reason. You’re right though.

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