2007 Bayer Classic – WRW Jr. vs. Mike Machuga (1)

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Part 1 of Walter Ray Williams Jr. vs. Mike Machuga.

I have got to admit that Mike Machuga is one of my most favorite new bowler out there today. I hope he wins a lot more titles in the future.

Also, to Dave Ryan, stop acting like someone who doesn't care when something big happens in a match. *Cough7pinCough*

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17 Comments on “2007 Bayer Classic – WRW Jr. vs. Mike Machuga (1)”

  1. is he even on the tour anymore….I remember when he won his 1st PBA tourney…I was like “if he can do it, anyone can” …he he he

  2. Mike is nice. My alley hosts a big pro tourny every year, and pros bowl with leagues like mine sometimes

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