20 Comments on “2007 U.S. Open – Weber vs. Malott (1)”

  1. I love PDW…but Wes is my boy, man. I was so sad to see him lose to PDW. Of course, PDW should win. There’s no substitute for experience.

  2. you are absolutely right, I’ve been watching bowling on tv for a long time, and just watching how they do things (mechanics, revs, the lines they’re playing) can give you ideas on how to improve on how you throw the ball.

  3. its just some editing they do with the camera. it just is kind of like a way to show they are about to present information. if u noticed it opened the PBA wired for sound thingy.

  4. the best thing wes did was move to rota grip. the products are just at a whole nother level.

  5. That is Kirk Von Kruger, he is the PBA tournament director….he was a PBA member after retiring from military…actually made a few shows in early 90’s but don’t think he ever won one….

  6. 3 more US Open wins for PDW and he will have US Open jacket for everyday of the week and have the most majors in PBA history

  7. They recently changed the lanes at my center, well, almost a year ago now, but now there are no range finders. I used to use them myself.

  8. Kevin Rose, you can make wearing sunglasses indoors against the rules if you’re hosting a tournament. But PDW wearing sunglasses is perfectly permissible by the PBA. It has nothing to do with him. The PBA has allowed others to wear shades on TV — Guppy Troup, Ernie Schlegel, James A. Miller all come to mind. 

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