17 Comments on “2007 U.S. Open – Weber vs. Malott (2)”

  1. Goddamn, that stone 8 right after a stone 10. What a bitchen alley! Thanks again for the movie, Wolf!!!!!!!!!

    You da man.

  2. Yea, it sucks, but the PBA just doesn’t have the backing, fanbase, and profit output that other major sports do.

  3. That’s what I hear; and it’s a shame considering his dad was such a class act.
    He’s a great bowler, though. One of the best ever.

  4. Pete’s my 2nd favorite bowler. It’s criminal that he hadn’t one any Player of The Year up to that time. My Brother In Law could be Pete’s twin.

  5. @mortson978
    yeah .. soo?
    he didn’t scream it so everybody hears it anyway…
    what else could he say then anyway? :-p

  6. Any reason why neither bowler made a ball change rather than moving into the left gutter? It would seem a lot easier to just throw a weaker ball on your original line rather than slamming into the ball return on your approach.

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