2008-2009 PBA Plastic Ball Championship Finals

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The ESPN finals of the 2008-2009 PBA Plastic Ball Championship feature Chris Barnes, Pete Weber, Mike Fagan and Jeff Carter.

Originally aired Sunday, February 22, 2009 from Brunswick Zone Wheat Ridge in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

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45 Comments on “2008-2009 PBA Plastic Ball Championship Finals”

  1. The thing I have to say about this is that pros always have to rely on ability, not on equipment, ever. No matter what their sponsors make the bowlers say, it’s not the equipment, it is how they use it. Sport shot patterns don’t let them miss, no matter what ball they are using. 

    Besides that, people have used plastic in professional events even when it wasn’t mandatory. One famous example was Jason Belmonte using his spare ball during the Shark a few years back.

    1. @Dtyler171 Just to clarify, Belmonte used his spare ball on the Viper pattern. That particular show had the Shark pattern on the left lane, and Viper on the right. That was his first win. But none the less, still used plastic.

    2. @Dtyler171 He used plastic because his reactive ball was over hooking so he would result to a plastic ball.
      Source: Experience as a two handed bowler who is almost identical to Belmo’s

    3. +Dtyler171 One thing that needs to be clarified is that while yes, you absolutely need to do all of the work yourself, throw good shots, etc., they’re saying is that it is much easier for them to control their shots since the balls almost hook for themselves for them and that they were stuggling since many of them were trying to do what many beginners tend to do, which is to try to force the ball to hook on this cheetah pattern with half of the oil than normal, also, with the plastic ball you get more carry down and the lanes don’t break down like they do with normal reactive balls

    4. @Justin Uy​​
      You’re lucky. I throw it only about 16 Mph on average and get more revs than belmo. Makes the game interesting when I can hook a spare ball more than a stroker can hook a resin or even a particle ball. Also presents a fun challenge on dry lanes. My center puts out a 30 foot pattern for kids and the ball hooks an absolute mile…

      To be fair though, many have said that lanes of yore also had more oil than modern patterns. So even though guys like Jimmy keeth had the highest rev rates of all time, the ball didn’t move much. 

    1. @William Murphy guess I’m the only one that understands how “you’re” is used as well. I can miss Rob Stone and have my own opinion, it’s the internet lol

  2. The second guy in the intro, the one with the green shirt, is throwing a Brunswick Black Rhino, which is urethane

    1. That is the only ball I have.
      Interesting story. I went karaoke bowling under black lights like two weeks after getting that Rhino. I freaked out when it suddenly went missing from a full rack of house balls. After like ten full minutes of panic, I decided to look at every ball. Turns out it looked green under the black lights. Weird eh?

    1. @Klara Sprudel no way. They are bowling on little oil so the plastic ball can move. There is a reason people use plastic for shooting at spares. Its because the ball has zero hook in oil. Sorry but I’ll take resin or urethane any day over plastic

    2. @Stomping Peak I use urethane to pick up my spares. It’s all about the way you throw the ball, I’m a leftie and I can use reactive resin or a pearl to pick up a 7. It’s all about the way you throw the ball. I’m sure any skilled bowler could do the same. Plastic balls now are usually used by the two handers to control their ridiculous rev rates on their spares

    3. @Alex Allen that’s what I was saying. Plastic balls dont have any hook on modern lanes/modern oil. Of course they will work on little to no oil(only if the surface is really rough)but that’s it. Someone was saying the new bowling tech is all a ripoff since they were able to bowl good with plastic. Yet they didn’t see the part where the players were bowling on a pattern that was like under 20ft with like 20ml of oil. That’s like less oil bowling in open bowling at any alley where the house hasnt put any fresh oil down in a day or 2. I’d love to see someone bowl on a real pattern(like 42ft, 30ml+, 2/1 ratio) only using plastic or rubber. Someone like belmo would have a 5 board movement at most with his ball lol

    4. @Stomping Peak it’s like the bowling balls got better so the lane conditions got harder. I would like to see more plastic bowling ball tournaments

    1. Yes I agree but with plastic balls today u would have even less people bowling because they would be even more frustrated years ago guys bowled 2-4 nights a week if they had to use plastic only they won’t bowl all u have to do is make the oil pattern tough and let them use high performance bowling balls

  3. Why did the PBA stop doing this event.. It showcases all the players precision and talent and they still had high scores to make things fun for viewers

  4. Man remember those days when you could go to KMart and get a bowling
    Ball drilled they would call you over the loud speaker
    And tell you where to meet him at the sports section.
    And drill them .Kmart bowling tournament .Columbia yellow dot was big .Used by that bowling ball wax .

    1. @Jon Hop well I see your point but the game evolves it happens with everything but just because there is different equipment with the new equipment you need to evolve with it the people back in the day would need time to get used to new reactive balls and same I bet if you used those old balls you could get better with that too

    2. @Jon Hop was it a big thing when urethane came out back in the 80s because that changed it too and people still use those kind of balls

    3. @Jon Hop i totally get what you are saying but just like how you had to adapt to things back then you have to adapt to things now I hope you understand

    4. @ccblaze 101 I am simply just stating facts here that Bowling is a far easier game… Which it is. This has made the game less enjoyable for me personally. I do not really have an issue with the equipment evolving, but I do have an issue with the lack of enforcement of regulation to keep the game more competitive and difficult like is was in the past. Our league has 300’s almost every week like its normal. Back in the day you would literally get a real Gold ring for a 300 it was that rare. I want to see regular bowling be more difficult.

    5. @Jon Hop i personally think obviously the balls help but you need to know how to use them and bowlers now a days have more resources to get better such as the app we are on now I have a reactive ball but when I didnt know how to use it I would bowl better with a plastic and league oil patterns are a lot easier to bowl on compared to the patterns used in tournaments

  5. This gives me no excuse of it not being able to hook. Got it really good yesterday but then I fell off

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