20 Comments on “2008 Geico Classic Match 4 Weber vs Jones 1”

  1. Pete Weber is one of my favorite bowlers, although this wasn’t one of his best outings.

  2. No particular reason there is no difference in the way you put your fingers in the ball, its just his trademark i think.
    i do it often and see no difference in the course of my ball…

  3. There is an interview where someone asks him, he says he has always bowled that way, and now his calluses are too big and it would mess up his hand comfortability

  4. it also adds better grip and eases the thumb muscles, i do it when i start to slide out of the ball early as the night goes on

  5. It may be his first career telecast on the cheetah pattern, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t bowled on the cheetah pattern 1000 times.

  6. @ritchie1997 the tv lights distract him so he prefers to wear the glasses on tv. if youwatch qualifying he doesnt wear them

  7. Tommy Jones looks like he oughta be sitting on a bridge in the in the mountains playing a banjo. Yeah, I’ve heard him speak. That just encouraged the thought.

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