21 Comments on “2008 Norm Duke vs Chris Barnes Part 2”

  1. Thanks for the uploads! I like both bowlers and although was disappointed with Barne’s performance, it was great watching Duke perform so well.

  2. this just shows how great duke is. but we all know that and he is like a fine wine he gets better with age. keep winning norm

  3. Why the hell did Barnes move to the outside to start? When he clearly lost, he went back to the inside and did much better. Go figure.

    1. Gary Brice I think Barnes tried to stick it to DUKE by trying to play his track but it backfired. Did you notice how Duke gave it right back to Barnes by playing inside on the very last throw? It’s as if Norm was telling Barnes not to mess with him.

  4. I don’t know what it is but every time I watch this match I feel like Chris lost on purpose. I mean I think he’s smarter than to try and take norm on in his own game and yet he did. He normally plays to his strengths and had a good look on the inside part of the lane and moved that far right? And that 4 pin…idk maybe it’s just me. I would have put my money on norm winning anyways but it was like Chris didn’t even try in my opinion.

    1. Sometimes you are forced to play in parts of the lanes you don’t want to, and when that happens you will probably not have your best game. No bowler shoots 40-50 games of qualifying, says “alright I’m on TV, time to lose to Norm Duke on purpose” and then shoots an awful game.

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