20 Comments on “2008 PBA World Championship – Norm Duke vs. Chris Barnes (Part 1)”

  1. @bhamarobhamaro no. switch that. barnes is the percision and duke’s the versatility master.

  2. Really unfortunate for Barnes. I love the support from the crowd though. They still applaud his missed spares.

  3. are we sure duke doesn’t have some kind of a specially made ball that nobody else have. he’s ball strikes so easly.

  4. ya know norm duke is such a littow man but his ball is a 16 pound!!!!! he is truly a hall of fame

  5. norm duke vs chris barnes, 2 of the greatest in pba history, there can only be one winner. can this get any more exciting? oh wait, it just did, it’s in the final of the pba world championship.

  6. Barnes doesn’t have soft enough hands to play that spot. I remember watching this thinking he made a horrible choice.

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