20 Comments on “2008 PBA World Championship – Norm Duke vs. Sean Rash (Part 1)”

  1. You wouldn’t happen to have some footage of the U.S. Women’s Open, would you? At the very least, hearing Bo Burton again was pretty sweet…

  2. Well said, source. I mean, 2 years ago, none of us had even remotley heard of a Sean Rash, until he came on tour by storm with a near perfect tv record at that time. He’s got the modern day game, the power, and the shot making ability.

  3. haha yeah… Guess lady luck just didn’t like him eh? haha, sadness… I really like Sean Rash’s rev though… super nice!

  4. Norm Duke has been bowling on tour since he was 18 and won his first title at 18. He’s been bowling for years on the tour and simply one of the best. He genuinely loves to bowl which is why he could beat WRW Jr’s record, and Rash is using the Avalanche slide

  5. @bladeknockingon700 Oh man, just wait till Duke ends up in the Seniors…those old guys better watch out. Him and Walter Ray will probably collide a lot in that tour for titles. XD

  6. I bowl in the same house as Norm, Randy Pederson, and Jason Couch every week in Clermont, FL. He has undoubtedly taught me everything I know about bowling.

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