19 Comments on “2008 PBA World Championship – Norm Duke vs. Sean Rash (Part 2)”

  1. lol, I love Rob and Randy at 5:49 with Sean’s 7-10.

    “Oh Boy.”
    “Here it comes!”
    “GET OUT!!”

    It makes me laugh every time.

  2. Wolfman, love you bro! I don’t even have cable but, thanks to you, I can still watch these shows….and in great quality/resolution. Thank you!!

  3. Wow Rash is tripping. Every time he doesnt bowl within 24 seconds he gets fined. I would hate to lose all that money

  4. That 10 pin Sean took out after 9 minutes of stream, that pin would had hit the 7 pin that he missed earlier.

  5. I like how part 1 has over 100,000 and part 2 only 40,000….people cant finish what they started….like Rash’s balks

  6. I hate it when rash stops his approach 10 times in one game.. Younger kids in our league are copying it.. Bleghh.. Bad example..

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