20 Comments on “2008 PBA World Championship – Norm Duke vs. Sean Rash (Part 3)”

  1. Rash just learned a valuable lesson when bowling Norm Duke there is no winning only losing DUUUUUUUUUUUKE!!!!!!!!

  2. Also if I’m not mistaking is Duke using a Storm Secret Agent bowling ball? It’s like purple with a little bit of blue

  3. I don’t even know. Bowling is f’ing crazy, and when you fuse bowling with babysitting, just insanity at its apex.

  4. Man, I don’t care how good Rash is, I have never seen anyone stop on the approach like that.I swear Norm looked at him like he was an idiot and I have to agree. Look at Norms expression at 6:01.

  5. @bowlintigersrock88 I love the inferno and zone lines. The RG core hits harder than anything I’ve ever thrown before.

  6. @alexfischer90730 Go to cc at the bottom right of the video. Then click it. Then click transcribe audio then! go to 3:36

  7. A pleasure to see Rash (aptly named) vanquished. And a bonus to know he lost money for his numerous antics on the approach while being bested.

  8. This was October 28, 2008. Randy Pedersen keeps saying that Sean Rash had never lost a match on TV before. 5 months before this, Lynda Barnes kicked Rash’s a** to win the Bowling Clash of Champions…

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