2008 Pepsi Championship – Page vs. WRW Jr. (2)

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the finishing of the semi-final match.

Enjoy 🙂

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15 Comments on “2008 Pepsi Championship – Page vs. WRW Jr. (2)”

  1. I had this knack for using the term “chicken”. The “chicken” is when you’ve strung up two strikes in a row, and the third eludes you (especially when you have that single pin that’s like a weeble – it wobbles but doesn’t fall down).

  2. YOU said it. Rob Stone doesn’t know much about bowling. Why do they have him announcing? They’d be better off with a retired PBA member.

  3. You guys are so off its not even funny! I mean come on Dave Ryan was very unexciting and often tried to make statements that weren’t true about how a player’s shot looked. At least Rob Stone threw in a few more terms, has a lot more energy, and makes accurate statements a lot more of the time than Dave Ryan did.

  4. I’m confused, does a piece of beef get hotter at a Mongolian barbecue than it does at any other barbecue???

  5. no hes saying rhino is heating up like a piece of beef on a mongolain barbecue, meaning hes just getting the edge back and starting to heat up.

  6. @thunderstruck665
    it does get hotter but it doesn’t cook as well, always remember that barbecuing and grilling are 2 completely different approaches. For the record, Mongolian is not barbecue, even if the sign on the building says it is.

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