20 Comments on “2008 Pepsi Championship – Scroggins vs. WRW Jr. (1)”

  1. One tournament last season (forgot which one) Randy said that Walter Ray misses single pins spares like one in 100 or 200.

  2. I believe he also missed one in the ’94 Choice Hotels Classic title match, except to the right (and just barely).

  3. interesting tat this some how makes walter and barnes similar in situations and they are meeting in title soon… i still remember how haugen won his 1st title as a major on the bench when barnes missed the ten pin.now walter has to unleash all the anger he had since he lost this one due to this ten, in his next title matches

  4. Should have one? I mean, no match is a gimme, even if the other person has been having a hard time on tv.

  5. If I remember correctly, in 2004-2005 season Walter Ray was 475/475 on single pin spares. Just shows that missing single pins is rarer than a perfect game for him.

  6. idk that split and the 3 pin werent too sold lol.
    now give walter the 8 pin, or any of the 10s and the result would have been diff.
    i do know that the 10 pin miss was wierd because he believed that was were he needed to hit to convert. the end over end still hooked… oh well. we arent the ones bowling. good job scroggins

  7. Walter Ray cant take responsibility, just like in the 09 national stadium championships, he leaves an 8-10 and blames the rack

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