2009-2010 PBA One A Day Dick Weber Open Finals

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The 2010 PBA Dick Weber Open features Mike Fagan, Walter Ray Williams, Jr., Pete Weber, Ryan Shafer and Bill O'Neill. Sports personality Bill Simmons sits in the booth for guest commentary.

Originally aired live on ESPN January 31, 2010 from Fountain Bowl in Fountain Valley, California.

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28 Comments on “2009-2010 PBA One A Day Dick Weber Open Finals”

    1. @yourneck2 they have nothing to show because they cannot provide the summer swing because of CBS and licensing rights.

  1. Fagan tried to give the game to Walter Ray in the middle there, but Walter Ray just was not having it.  The down and in let him down.

  2. I feel like so many of these PBA videos have such low volume. Since I only have the built in speakers on my laptop, i always have to pull out my headphones to watch these

  3. Bill O’Neill: 226
    Ryan Shafer: 200

    Pete Weber: 214
    Bill O’Neill: 202

    Walter Ray Williams Jr: 234
    Pete Weber: 178

    Mike Fagan: 241
    Walter Ray Williams Jr: 213

    Fagan Wins!

  4. Interesting and confusing watching some of these matches. I’d never use a ball that has its little turn and just proceeds forward after rolling out. I always want my ball to continue it’s hooking motion through the pins, not just roll through them.

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