10 Comments on “2009 Bayer Earl Anthony Medford Classic – Part 01”

  1. Thanks so much djrickysmith. I was about to ask you when you were going to post this telecast but you just answered my question. Thanks again for all you do!


  2. I’m very surprised they couldn’t dip into ESPN’s archives to play a clip of Wendy Macpherson delivering the ball. I hate ESPN sometimes!

  3. Why was my comment considered bad? Is it because you don’t like Roto Grip balls or ones manufactured by Storm?

  4. That must be Mr beatchy tvman clicking on the “bad comment” icon! DJ, please ban this guy? He’s a leech.

  5. The Playlist is now available on my Channel Page…just double click my name to take you there….

    Enjoy Everyone

  6. also you have to laugh at the interview with Strike A Lot Malott…I doubt he was talking about going around town with a real estate agent…lol

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