2009 Bowling US Open: Championship Match: Mike Scroggins vs Norm Duke part 1

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Here's part 1 of the championship match. It features two former winners of the USBC Masters tournament. Mike the 2005 winner takes on Norm Duke, the 1993 champion

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20 Comments on “2009 Bowling US Open: Championship Match: Mike Scroggins vs Norm Duke part 1”

  1. That’s a good point. And his promise turns out to be dead wrong in the exact oppoisite way he thought. He thought Norm was gonna pop 240 or 250…mmm hmm…ya.

  2. I want to party at Scroggy’s 🙂
    Thoroughly sucks that the US open is not in New Jersey in 2010. Boo!!!

  3. These gentlemen need to work on their backswings, their strike balls, and their spare balls. Bowling like this wouldn’t get you far in my league.

  4. @i3enthebowlerkid well put potty mouth but my question to you is why would I want to grow a pair when you seem to be perfectly happy with just one.

  5. duhhhh. do ppl not realize how good these guys are? in order to be a pro you have to be by far the best bowler in your house

  6. I met Norm Duke at JWTC I love him 😀 he helped me on my bowling it was awesome. Never been so star struck in my life ha ha. a movie actor or something i would have been like cool if i met them but Norm Duke I was so nervous it was awesome lol

  7. I miss bowling. I haven’t been since neck surgery 3 years ago. Was my life as a kid. I could hang with anyone… and I mean anyone. These guys are 2 of the best. But there are LOT of good bowlers out there. The difference between a great house bowler who averages 230 and a pro bowler is PRO’s can make adjustments faster and compete on any conditioned lanes. A good bowler finds his mark in 2-3 shots. And then kicks your butt.

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