20 Comments on “2009 Bowling US Open: Championship Match: Mike Scroggins vs Norm Duke part 2”

  1. No. I was being facetious. I enjoy your uploads of the PBA and I’m glad there’s someone still posting the current season. Thanks!

  2. If people are anything like me, they’ve got mutiple subscriptions so probably have already seen it. But maybe not. It’s up to you I guess??

  3. i dont think any of the bowlers on the pba tour is boring to watch. they are all special on their own way.

  4. This is one of the best tournaments I’ve ever seen. I was real happy for Scroggins. Yeah, some of his opponents got bad breaks, but nobody can back their way into the US Open title.

  5. amazing to se duke bowl 173, i would like to bowl on that us open pattern and see if I can avg over 150, and my avg is 2009 on semi easy conditions. I think that we all must have great respect for the pba players and the things they are doing every week. avg over 200 for whole week on that pattern, that something we only can dream of. congrats scroggy.

  6. i ave 220 in league, and the last time i bowled on a long sports pattern i ave 180. the oil pattern makes all the difference!

  7. I actually prefer a simple, repeatable game. Mike’s game along with Liz Johnson’s game have both important attributes.

  8. it seems like alot of pro bowlers rely on speed to get a score, the way i do it is that i only use control and stability do get a good hit every time.

  9. @jedityler015 exactly. house shots and pro patterns are two totally different sports. i average 226 at home, on pro patterns id be lucky to avg 180

  10. Randy Pedersen @ 3:54 of part one of this two-part video (thank you IrishPogi) promised that 200 would not win the game, but in fact 191 did win. He must have been thinking about something he saw; some area that he thought the players had. I hope that as a broadcaster, I’ll hedge my bets and explain what I mean. Pedersen is a really good, up-front, qualified color man; honest and frank in interviews. High ESPN camera position behind the lanes prevented bowlers from blocking our view of impact!

  11. I couldn’t help but wonder how Scroggins would have felt after celebrating that first ball in the 10th and went punch 4.

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