13 Comments on “2009 Norm Duke vs Michael Fagan Part 1”

  1. @klehman91 Yeah exactly i am classified as a power stroker and those terms don’t really matter because its more than the revs you put on the ball. Its about playing the lanes and being able to play every part of the lane. people that crank can sometimes only play a certain part of the lane anyways and thats why we win haha lol

  2. @klehman91 I can do it on house shots lol i like playing in front of the ball return sometimes lol when i practice i throw the ball from second arrow all the way to 4 or 5 if the lane will allow it with the same ball and i try to strike from every angle. then i change balls and start over then i try to pick the one with the most area and go with it.

  3. Norm really deserved to be in the hall of fame. He is a great bowler, and a very nice man. Keep up the great work Norm!

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