9 Comments on “2009 Norm Duke vs Michael Fagan Part 2”

  1. to try to play a hall of famers line and make it look ugly ….. then bowl out of turn in the tenth maybe he should take that back swing and shorten it like his memory

  2. @smallpkgdynomite125


    First of all, it isn’t Norm Duke’s line, it is a line that Norm Duke used. Fagan had every right to throw a shot on it if he wanted. Second, playing out of turn is called “Playing Through”. It is a technique used by the production staff of the show to speed up the end when they already have a clear cut winner.

  3. @BarneysBowlarama Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but I’ve been plowing through your videos lately from the first one you released, and I’m at this video now.

    I saw on your channel that you’re leaving the current day videos to those that have been doing it for some time already. Could you suggest a site or channel where I could see these games?

    Thanks in advance!

  4. 5:16 SO TRUE!!! take the ball return off the approach… too bad its such an inconvenience to do that everywhere…

  5. Norm Duke is always a fiery competitor, and one of the smartest, most versatile bowlers ever. He is a class act and certainly among bowling’s all time greats. Thanks for posting.

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