10 Comments on “2009 Norm Duke vs Ryan Ciminelli Part 1”

  1. Was at Thunderbowl for a tournament at the beginning of this month on my birthday dec 3rd, the first time since 1987 , they have reconfigured the whole bowling alley,, its still the ARENA , Main and North, but the Arena section where they have the PBA final rd,, is totally redone with Stadium level type seating,, the day i bowled they were also doing a tournament in this section, Still one of the Largest bowling centers in the world with 90 Lanes ,, as they cut 4 out in the North to Build a Game and activity room ,, If youve never been there, go , its worth the Experience 🙂 Norm duke one of the most veristile players on the tour , can change from 4-5 step delivery in an instant and can switch from a deep inside line to a straight down and in line flawlessly and Ryan is one of the top lefties 🙂

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