2009 PBA Geico Plastic Ball Championship – Chris Barnes vs. Pete Weber (Part 2)

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Here we go to an old school type tournament where everyone was forced to use a plastic ball to bring back that retro type of bowling that peaked back in the 60's through the 80's. Here is part 2 of the first match between Chris Barnes and Pete Weber.

Enjoy 🙂

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20 Comments on “2009 PBA Geico Plastic Ball Championship – Chris Barnes vs. Pete Weber (Part 2)”

  1. The only question I have is exactly how easy was the lane condtion to match that of a plastic ball…as in DRY lanes? The real skill would have been to put down a standard PBA condition and THEN see what happens.

  2. Back when plastic was king, the patterns were much flater and had about 1/2 the volume. To lay down a “standard pattern” would defeat the purpose of the plastic tournaments.

  3. Ya, I know, but when I said “standard”, I meant a standard pattern from the 70’s or 80’s…one typically used back, in the day. Now that would have made this scoring much lower.

  4. I saw the Walter Ray just before the release was snapped with flash and he split the frame and Barnes took the chance and string his strikes

  5. if i had half the amount of talent these guys have i would be making money with it. man these guys are good.

  6. @ryan daniel when you can throw 269 with a plastic ball let me know. These guys are the best in the world, Ive bowled with them. Pete Weber has rabbit ears and its distracting hear a camera or a phone. It happens all the time

  7. Another Pete Weber “Hi Mom” moment on TV @6:30.
    Made more poignant due to the recent passing of his mother….April 2020.

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