2009 PBA King of Bowling – First Show

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The 2009 King of Bowling features the top bowlers from the 2008-2009 PBA season battling for supremacy. On this first episode of five, Chris Barnes faces Norm Duke for the right to challenge Wes Malott for the crown.

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21 Comments on “2009 PBA King of Bowling – First Show”

    1. @Geometry Dash FurnaceΒ I saw it on TV when it first aired and I’m pretty sure we’ll see it again.

    2. +GamingFanactic911 wow! although it seems that Wes is always improving, but im pretty sure we wont see that again. Wes’ carry has always been awesome, and it always will be

  1. Rob Stone was always exciting when he announces. We need that energy back not stuffed shirts Randy is always good but they’ve had some duds on the other side.

  2. A lot would be shocked to know, ol’ Norm used to have one helluva backswing! I’d say 2x as high as you see today. Btw, has anyone ever seen Norm get mad, I mean like seriously mad, ever?

  3. Lol, Wes makes that chair look like a normal chair! And, it sure doesn’t look like Wes is imparting a lot of revs on that ball, but he really is cranking on it!

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