2009 PBA King of Bowling – Third Show

The 2009 King of Bowling features the top bowlers from the 2008-2009 PBA season battling for supremacy. On this third episode of five, Bill O'Neill faces Walter Ray Williams, Jr. for the right to challenge defending king Wes Malott for the crown.

Plus, we see the conclusion of the match between Wes Malott and Pardon the Interruption's Mike Wilbon.

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28 Comments on “2009 PBA King of Bowling – Third Show”

    1. +vFuzion- The ESPN broadcast season returns Thursday, December 17 at 7 p.m. ET with the live stepladder finals of the 2015 PBA World Championship.

    1. For sure 3. I don’t know if that includes Malott, because this was on TV but it’s not for a tour title. So it’s either 3 or 4.

  1. I can see why Wes loves him some scorpion ! Our center started putting out sports shots recently. I bowled a three game series of 557, a 185 average on scorpion. Not too bad for a 64 yrs old kegler.

  2. I met Wes at junior gold bc I was bowling with his son and he actually gave me his time and watched me for a few frames and talked to me and he really helped… honestly real chill dude

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