22 Comments on “2010 2011 PBA One A Day Earl Anthony Memorial Week 09 Match 01”

  1. Thanks so much for the upload! Only way i can watch i’m so greatful! PLEASE keep uploading, i always like and will always stay subscribed!

    Again.. Thank you !

  2. @DaveBais Bringin in the bucks? I think he got about 12 dollars and 4 Chicken McNuggets for a 2nd place finish

  3. @brucekaratz i’m agree he needs to lose some pounds, but is not the most important he is cute no matter what…very cutie!! PA rocks my world!!

  4. 17:28 See? The 6 hit the 10! How could that not strike? I was expecting the tenpin to fall sideways but no.

  5. @theslickricky it doesnt matter if he called for a rerack but otherwise it would only be a 50$ fine you cant be fined twice on the same shot

  6. It hurts to watch Tommy Jones as I have the same hip/knee problems when I throw. It’s really hard to stay down on the shot when your hip is screaming and the knee says “no way am I taking that load again!” It never seems to hurt bad enough to give up bowling though.

  7. @alexfischer90730 50 bucks? I had always heard it was 100 bucks for the first violation and 500 bucks for each violation thereafter.

  8. The Tour will be back next Sunday December 9th.

    I can’t say about SundaysR4 uploading shows though,I’m wondering myself.

  9. If you get a chance, check the audio on this video.  There is a very high pitch squeel coming from the video that hurts the ears. Wonder if it can be filtered out.

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