20 Comments on “2010 2011 PBA One A Day Earl Anthony Memorial Week 09 Match 02”

  1. @stormlefty4life

    is it just me or top seed and a nobody doesn’t quite seem right put togheter?
    and Ryan Ciminelli isn’t a nobody…
    but you sure are…

  2. @stormlefty4life And since you think I am such a lowlife, by arguing with me, drops you down to my level according to you…(this is hilarious)

  3. @stormlefty4life People get lucky, but when your actually apart of the PBA members and bowl in regional tournaments and win a masters trny like I have then come talk to me and come see me.

  4. @bibilimgaogao. I dont know how heavy it is but i know it storm marvel. I also had this ball. =)

  5. @stormlefty4life Ryan was in the past USBC Masters (2010) and he didn’t win. Now, in this tournament, he won. But did he change much from his game since then? No. He was already good back then, it was just the quality of the opponents he was facing that cost him.

  6. @stormlefty4life the worst record would be someone who has never won on tv. like maybe chris loschetter. never made tv, and had only a couple of top 10 finishes.

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