20 Comments on “2010 2011 PBA One A Day Earl Anthony Memorial Week 09 Match 03”

  1. randy’s keys to victory
    patrick allen
    – talk to yourself all the time, ’cause it’s so cool and not at all the most annoying thing ever, and everyone cares about your bowling perfomance
    – bring an extra towel for your face from time to time

  2. What everybody hates that Patrick Allen talks to himself? So is nothing bad….the most important thing is his performance in the game! He’s awesome bowler one of my favorite bowler in the PBA!!….and Ciminelli too is an awesome bowler….i’m happy cause he win his first title…. 🙂

  3. Great coverage of the match. I would like more information on their shots as the game goes along – board hit at arrows, speed, rev rate, etc…. Thanks for the high quality video!

  4. i love PA and all of this….but i said Ciminelli in this day played very well very impressive! 🙂

  5. @vitalogy66 omg! never make TV finals? now unfortunately no! but last ten years and who was the 2004-2005 player of the year……ah! Patrick Allen, he is the best bowler in the world, also Bill O’Neill too. He’s seem nervous and so….for me he’s not guilty…please don’t insult PA….he’s awesome!!! and this season was very short season ah! he makes TV finals i love this game.

  6. @thedude3093 🙂 well in my favorite list are: Patrick Allen, Bill O’Neill, Michael Fagan, Tommy Jones, Norm Duke and Wes Malott…. 🙂 But i enjoy all PBA matches in the TV and Xtra frame 🙂 Ryan Ciminelli is also cool, he impressed me very much in this game

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