2010-2011 PBA Shark Championship (WSOB II)

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The stepladder finals of the 2010-2011 PBA Shark Championship feature Dan MacLelland, Jason Belmonte, Tom Smallwood, Mike Fagan and Osku Palermaa.

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45 Comments on “2010-2011 PBA Shark Championship (WSOB II)”

    1. He’s bowling now in the Indiana Open, he’s just not making the step ladders. I’ve been watching him on Flo bowling

  1. 60 FPS please! Just upscale the original footage to 720p then YouTube will let you upload it at 60 FPS. I’m talking to you, people who run this channel. Last time I checked, 480p60 isn’t supported on YouTube

    1. @Hanri Luo Yes they did have 720p in 2011, but did not go fully HD broadcast until 2011-12
      This was originally broadcast in 480i60 but YT does not support it. If they encoded the 480i60 footage into 720p60, it would be better

      Oh yeah and the 2011 Tournament of Champions was broadcast in 1080i

    1. @Zalker 984 this was before that ball came out. his custom spare ball was based on the “Clear Team Storm – White” ball which he was using here.

  2. Jason Belmonte: 248
    Mike Fagan: 223

    Jason Belmonte: 208
    Tom Smallwood: 192

    Osku Palermaa: 182
    Jason Belmonte: 176

    Osku Palermaa: 173
    Dan MacLelland: 149

    Palermaa Wins!

  3. 28:17 and 1:02:48 – Jason Belmonte and Osku Palermaa leave solid 8 pins.
    39:44 – Perfect shot by Jason Belmonte.
    1:09:55 – Osku Palermaa’s super powerful ball.

  4. why would mike fagan want to use that grip? mike is my favorite one handed bowler and honestly want to know why it would benefit him to cut back on revs like that

  5. sick of hearing about Jason‘s rev rate he uses two hands it’s going to rev more

    Also is it me or does he look like he needs a bath?

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