2010 Earl Anthony Open

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2010 PBA Earl Anthony Memorial Classic held at Earl Anthony's Dublin Bowl in Dublin, California. The first match features Sean Rash versus Mike Machuga. The second match features Mike Wolfe versus Anthony LaCaze. The third match features Ladies Championship match Lynda Barnes versus Stephanie Nation. The championship match features Anthony LaCaze versus Mike Machuga.

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17 Comments on “2010 Earl Anthony Open”

  1. Man what a good shot by Machuga, must have been a bummer especially after tripping the 4 in the previous shot.

    1. Probably because he switched balls and wanted to represent the company even though Hammer and Track are in the same family

  2. Mike Machuga: 188
    Sean Rash: 183

    Anthony LaCaze: 190
    Mike Wolfe: 158

    Anthony LaCaze: 214
    Mike Machuga: 206

    LaCaze Wins!

    Stefanie Nation: 201
    Lynda Barnes: 181

    Nation Wins!

  3. Ever since bottlegate, Rash and Belmo have not had the same career. If Sean can regain the swagger he had when he was that dominate force in the PBA, watch out!

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