21 Comments on “2010 Michael Fagan vs Walter Ray Williams Jr. Part 1”

  1. Michael Fagan is the most unique bowler ive seen. his huge backswing, his speed, and his hook is simply amazing. nuff said

  2. WRW jr.’s ball rolls on the finger and thumb holes only on his spare shots. This is how you can tell that he is throwing the ball as straight as possible. As far as his sponsoship is concerned, well I don’t think it matters. He can be sponsored by Walmart and still bowl well.

    WRW jr. is a perfect example to show that the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) method really works. Don’t get me wrong, I like playing the BIG hooks cause it looks so sexy, I was just stating my observation.

  3. @trojansrock2007 I agree, it’s a great ball, im using it myself. However, nothing beats Roto Grip’s Epic Odyssey 🙂

  4. Iv been bowling for about 9 months and I bowled a 241 with celimbia 300 freeze It’s my favorite ball so far

  5. @Doza418 kiss doesn’t always work for me unfortunately. i’d love to keep it simple, but i’ll strike hard on the 1-3 side, and get the 10 every time when i take a straight line down the right side with a light hook. but, when i step a few dots over, and really give it a good hook, turkey dinner comin my way 🙂

  6. Dam i must to admit that Michael Fagan has one of the coolest and chillest swings among those players.. i really like his popping sound! 😛

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