22 Comments on “2010 Pete Weber vs Walter Ray Williams Jr. Part 2”

  1. Sometimes i wonder if storm makes its staff players through certain bowling balls just for the publicity. cause the invasion was obviously not the ball to use.

  2. @SmooveSole actually he’s a personal friend and a GREAT guy! So is his wife… They have never been anything but nice to me and my girl. If you dont like his personality, that’s fine… it’s not for everyone…

  3. I think that every PDW vs Williams match I have watched Weber has lost…. even going back to like 1997

  4. And the term “Jheri curl juice”, used more than once on the broadcast, just as a heads up…@3:09 LMAO I’m leaking! Hahahaha

  5. I was practicing sport today and I wear a white glove when I bowl too and did the exact same things as pete Weber .

  6. Weber: I thought I may have had a lil bit of an advantage coming in but I guess not
    WRW: I still love you Pete
    Weber: I know you do. Next round of golf is on you though

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