22 Comments on “2010 Ryan Ciminelli vs Walter Ray Williams Jr. Part 1”

  1. he has to you prat his rev rate is nearly 600 and playing on a pattern like this he wouldnt be able to carry a plastic bag back from the shop let alone a seven pin if he used reactive

  2. @emoguitarist100 Only Norm Duke does. As well as a few guys you never heard of. Weber has been using 15 since 1997. The balls are too powerful now. You dont need it. They bowl so much they are happy to use 15lbs. I do as well as everyone I know.

  3. @BarneysBowlarama ohhhhh i see, last question, do you have any bowling sched. on ESPN pls reply……:)

  4. @emoguitarist100 Actually I am no longer adding any new matched to my channel. There are other people who upload the new stuff. I will be making some specialty bowling videos however.

  5. @MrRealdeal300 I dont recall. I was told otherwise in a conversation long ago from a guy who drills the pros balls for them. I dunno

  6. @MrRealdeal300 Nearly EVERY pro uses 15 lbs…there only a couple exceptions, namely Norm Duke and Walter Ray who need the extra weight due to their style/lower rev rate and angle.

  7. TJ tried 15, but went back to 16 sometime in the last few years. Doug Kent threw out all his 15s and made his last US Open show with 16s, but I don’t know if he stayed with it. And I know Chris Barnes has thrown 16s, and I’ve heard him more than once make jokes about someone not using a man weight, which I assumed meant they were throwing 15s. Often switching is to control the steepness of the swing. Barely even heard of a pro throwing 14, though, unlike De4dSp0t.

  8. I’m sure a lot of the pros are still rolling 16 pounders, and that was the norm for many, many years. But with the ridiculous coverstocks and cores available in today’s bowling balls, the extra 12-14oz really doesn’t amount to much more carry. What really matters is what you can comfortably (and consistently) roll for several games in a row without fatigue. Going down a pound or two can actually help a lot of bowlers if they are unable to do that. I switched from 16 to 15 and won’t go back

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