2010 USBC PBA Experience Showdown Show 1 Part 2 Norm Duke

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Here is the second segment of the USBC-PBA Experience Showdown. The event takes place in the newly constructed International Training and Research Center located in Arlington, Texas. A two time player of the year is featured in this clip [Norm Duke]

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14 Comments on “2010 USBC PBA Experience Showdown Show 1 Part 2 Norm Duke”

  1. lots of comments on rob stone………..yeah he’s pretty bad. he’s been on how many years and doesn’t know the difference between a solid strike and a light, rip shot. heard him say many times “shreads the rack” on a solid strike. come on rob!!!

  2. @rockincat12 A bunch. Figure they probably took at least two or three for each lane when they did practice (different strength coverstocks/cores, different surfaces, different drillings), then narrowed it down from there. Even if some equipment overlaps lanes, that’s still a bunch. And THEN you have to plan ahead for how is this going to break down with 25 frames being bowled with TV lights before you get up again…and bowl on 5 lanes, all oiled differently, that are invisibly broken down…

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