2011-2012 PBA World Championship Quarterfinals – Petraglia Division (WSOB III)

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The Petraglia Division of the 2011-2012 PBA World Championship features Sean Rash, Pete Weber, Ryan Ciminelli and Nathan Bohr.

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22 Comments on “2011-2012 PBA World Championship Quarterfinals – Petraglia Division (WSOB III)”

    1. @Nick he meant what he said… Rash got lucky pure and simple. He missed the pocket barely touching the head pin and struck to win.

  1. Ciminelli was throwing rockets…. those pins were getting destroyed every ball he was throwing…

  2. This is so awesome. I know Im late, but…

    With all the troubles Im having in my life, this really brings me peace. I love Weber. He has such a nice looking release. Rash has serious power. Bohr has me nervous everytime he throws. Ciminelli, well, Im a lefty too so you know.

    I love this.

  3. 35:45 what a tale of two tapes. I went to school with John Petraglia Jr., St John Vianney. I ended up getting kicked out halfway through the year because my tuition wasnt paid. I remember John was really funny, and at the time had a big swollen foot? From getting it run iver by a car on a dare?

    My parents were divorced and it was all about them. Thank god for block scheduling because my half year of credits counted. My mother didnt pay her half. And Ill never forget how my father snarkily informed me while laughing but not smiling that he ‘wasnt payin for me to go to college”, big Turner Construction city slicker he was. When I see John Sr. react like that to the perfect game and say ‘college is paid for’ Im in tears. What a good man, I can only dream of having a father like that even as I approach 36. Mines been out of my life since 2002. Im in tears of joy for that family.

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