2011-2012 Pepsi Elite Players Championship Finals (WSOB III)

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The finals of the 2011-2012 Pepsi Elite Players Championship feature Mike DeVaney, Mike Scroggins, Jason Belmonte and Norm Duke.

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34 Comments on “2011-2012 Pepsi Elite Players Championship Finals (WSOB III)”

  1. When somebody says “i do it the right way, the way it should be done” it’s not a good man for me…

    1. Doubling The Fun What weak claim? It’s not like he shot 170. He bowled well. His score would probably win a lot of title matches. It’s just difficult to beat 250+.

    2. I was talking more about the weak claim that there’s only one way to bowl. Not so much the final score.

    3. DeVaney is an idiot and sounds like an idiot. Belmonte is the four-time Player of the Year. DeVaney was a journeyman who couldn’t even make spares.

    4. @Rls1020 Yeah, and it probably rubs him raw that Belmonte is considered the GOAT be many people, including Norm Duke.

    5. Also, when a strong Hall of Famer talks well of you, you know that’s a good sign.

      Though, I would say he really did not see the eventual dominance Jason would go to make.

    1. So they considered these wins major titles? Ik they are now. They kept saying the masters was his first major. Was always wondering what this was

  2. Watching this after rolling a new high score of 277 today. Previous best was 207 so I’m still coming to terms with it!

  3. Jason Belmonte prevails when Mike Devaney left the 10 pin on his first shot in the 10th frame to win the Pepsi Elite Players Championship

    1. Fun fact: This was not considered his 1st major until the Players was reinstated as a major in 2015 (’16? I forget.).

  4. I love how the announcers repeatedly assumed that Duke was going to be eliminated, even though both Belmonte and Scroggins needed eight on their first ball in the tenth. It’s not like they needed one pin.

  5. Wow Mike Wow, that’s what you say to a person that is in the same sponsorship as you, I guess that’s why you lost and that’s why you went to Motiv in 2015

  6. 1:11:28 the moment when Rob left to move to FOX Sports until late 2018 when the PBA hit a BIG move when they made the transition to FOX themselves for the 2018 PBA Clash.

  7. Wow. Just found this upload now. The only thing holding back Norm from a win at the Players is carry. The 7-10s and big four here, the 4-6-7 in 2015, and the corner pins in both 2015 and 2016. Hope he still has a little more left in him for the Super Slam. Would like to see him pass Earl or even WRWJ.

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