2011 Bowling US Open Championship Match Mika Koivuniemi vs Norm Duke part 2

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Brunswick Carolier Lanes in North Brunswick, NJ hosted this year's US Open bowling tournament. Here's part 2 of the championship match. Mika Koivuniemi, the 2001 US Open champ takes on the 2008 US Open champ Norm Duke

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20 Comments on “2011 Bowling US Open Championship Match Mika Koivuniemi vs Norm Duke part 2”

  1. I literally sat there for 5 minutes shocked after seeing Mika miss that 10 pin. That moment definitely ranks up there with the Randy Pedersen 8 pin and Machael Haugen Jr. coming from behind to beat Barnes at the world championship.

  2. I just about cried at 10:16. You can see Mika’s oldest daughter in the background. It looks like she’s fighting back tears. This will be a game for the ages.

  3. DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUKE!!! Norm’s finish definitely put pressure on Mika – notice how badly he was rooting for a strike on his first ball after Norm turkeyed out. Amazing finish, feel bad for Mika, but he’ll definitely bounce back.

  4. Thx for the quick UL.I where dying to watch this!This year certainly had a few surprizes in store.Tough break for Mika,but im sure the best man won.Isent that allways the case?LoL Not the bigest man,nor the strongest,but the guy that had the best pincount.Congrat to Norm,youre the man!

  5. Did not expect that ending at all. I feel for Mika but at the same time I’m happy Norm won too. Both of them are my fav bowlers and let me tell you both really had a hell of a match.

    Mika still made ALL FOUR Majors this season (Not to mentioning winning one too) and that alone is impressive. He’ll see more titles in the future no doubt.

  6. @HighRollerrrr I am not a Mika fan but I agree with you one hundred percent!! I am a bowler and I love it and I felt his pain.

  7. It was overwhelming for Mika and I believe it would have been for almost anybody including yours truly.

  8. Duke showed the ultimate example of good sportsmanship. Knowing he narrowly just Won a Major Event he still managed to contained himself, he didn’t jump up and start screaming and rubbing the moment into Mika’s Face. He calmly walked over to the trophy and claimed his title. This is what separates a Man from a Boy. Congrats Duke, You put up one hell of a fight during this match.

  9. wow when I saw this live I was shocked…Duke handled it with amazing class and I felt so bad for Mika…I feel his pain, I missed a 10-pin and cost my high school team a state title

  10. Credit Duke for never giving up, even when the chances were very slim.  Good lesson in life as well as bowling…

  11. I remember seeing this live…I’m Team Duke all the way, and was happy that he won. But still…that’s some painful stuff to watch. I was in complete shock. But it just goes to show that absolutely ANYTHING can happen on those lanes, no matter how good you are. You play to the last frame every time, and things happen.

  12. So heart breaking ! No doubt that Duke didn’t want to win that way. Great sportsmanship & respect by Duke. A fact and lesson to all bowlers spares are vital & to be converted. Seeing the final frame shot of this clip is more than enough of an example

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