2011 U.S. Open Bowling Finals

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The 68th U.S. Open features finalists Norm Duke, Tommy Jones, Mika Koivuniemi and Ryan Shafer.

Originally aired live on ESPN Sunday, February 27, 2011 from Brunswick Zone Carolier in North Brunswick, New Jersey.

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37 Comments on “2011 U.S. Open Bowling Finals”

  1. Poor Mika; I saw this too when it aired and I can’t believe it happened. It’s a classic and shocking ending to any PBA tournament, but hey it’s proof as Rob said that you bowl every frame since every pin counts.

  2. That was an shocking end to a great performance by “Major” Mika. Both players needed to overcome adversity to become a champion but only one could be crowned. I was literally on the edge of my seat for this one; 5 stars!

  3. That’s a bummer to blow a whole title match by missing an easy spare. I think the nerves got the best of him.

  4. A win is a win. Norm Duke was the winner but was still humble. Mika played great also on this game but he came out short. I like them both.

  5. It drives me crazy when I hear fellow league members with 200+ averages on the house shot, think they can take on professionals. If they try their shot on the us open, the ball would just fall in the gutter.

    1. Stryker me too. I’m in a pba sport league and it is very hard, only have a 160 average. but I hate when people say that because if they tried to do it, they would have so much trouble


    3. US Open pattern is very difficult. It’s about filling frames and getting as much strikes as possible Le

    4. Anybody can take on a pro but will you beat one is the question. House shot has a lot of forgiveness, and room to miss, a pattern like the us open has oil gutter to gutter so you have to line up and make your shots damn near perfectly

  6. This might be my favorite title match of all time…Dukes mental game was great..he never mailed it in and forced his opponent to mark…

  7. 32:02 Mika says (to himself): “Get out of there(approach) if you hear someone cough in the audience… why do you stay there and think about it?”

    In case somebody didn´t want to believe Randys translation 😀

  8. Wow, that was one of the most gracious victory speeches ever in any sporting competition ! much respect !

    1. Mika did recover from this.
      On 12/2/12, Mika became the first European player to win the PBA-DHC Japan Cup. Less than two weeks later, he won the PBA-WBT Qatar Open for his 11th PBA title. His next two PBA Tour titles also came in international events: at the 2013 PBA-WBT Vienna Open and 2014 Brunswick Ballmaster Open in his native Finland. His 14th and most recent PBA Tour title was earned at the 2014 Viper Open, part of that year’s World Series of Bowling in Las Vegas. He then retired in 2015.

    2. That’s all great, but he was never the same Major Mika that we all knew him as, along with the fact that he just got old because he started his PBA career at a late age

  9. I like how Mika literally ignored what Shafer said and basically said I’m gonna let the ball do the talking. Talk keeping composure against your opponent LOL

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