2012-13 PBA Chameleon Championship Finals (WSOB IV)

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The 2012 PBA Chameleon Championship stepladder finals feature Jason Belmonte, Walter Ray Williams, Jr., Scott Norton and Fawaz Abdulla.

Originally aired on ESPN December 30, 2012 from World Series of Bowling IV at South Point in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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35 Comments on “2012-13 PBA Chameleon Championship Finals (WSOB IV)”

    1. @Harvey Wallbanger Really? You and “the Lord” drinkin’ buddies? There is no such thing as a magical fairy in the sky, and if there was, why do you think you’re important enough to know its opinion? The Bible was written by men. It is fictional.

    2. Think about who was elected president in 2016. It’s not all that surprising that there are assholes in the comment section that have regressed.

  1. 1st of all, Why is South Point the most famous PBA Bowling location and 2nd, Why did PBA Bowling always used GSX Pinsetters every time I’ve seen a PBA Game? They should go to another Bowling Alley. They always used South Point in 2011-13 and again at some games in 2016.

    1. Walter was sponsored by Brunswick in the past. I think he hopped around a little bit here and there but ultimately Brunswick wanted him back

  2. I’ve been out of the bowling scene since 2012 and last I’ve played league play was back in 2010…I’ve recently just started watching PBA via YouTube…I grew up playing Junior leagues in Rossmoor Bowling Center in Seal Beach CA. I’ve played against Scott, at 15yo, I was a mere 160 average bowler, while Scott was only 13-14yo if I can remember right, averaging in the high 180’s, low 190’s…I’d always be terrified playing against Scott. His mom Virginia, was also my coach…I’m just so happy to see Scott being so successful at what he does. Scotts a great person. For all of you who’s making fun of his sexuality, grow up people! Scott’s a great human being! Go Scott!

  3. 1:05:37 – The fast messenger fails to take down the 10 pin for Jason Belmonte and Scott Norton cries when he wins the 2012 PBA Chameleon Championship!

    1. So we have Thomas McCarrik, and Andrew Philips as the PBAs 2 biggest spoilers in the comment section. Now we have Chan B? Get out of here!

    1. Technically if he’s the first openly gay professional bowler on tour, then yes. But who knows if there were other day bowlers who won titles but didn’t reveal their sexual preference.

  4. Little overdramatic wit the cryn lol but great bowling by scott. Little did he know he took out 2 hall of famers

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