22 Comments on “2012 Bowling US Open: Championship Match: Pete Weber vs Mike Fagan”

  1. Congrats Pete!!! After watching it all again, I say Pete was spot on and maybe LESS vocal than I would of been. Congrats Pete!!!

  2. I love the positive “self-talk” before the game winning throw. “Balls Out…” What a true Champion and fighter… What a pressure cooker of a match… Pete, You are the Champion and the best in the WORLD! You Rock!!!

  3. Randy said to get over it and just ignore it but he’s the biggest winer about people moving the sport has ever seen. Practice what you preach Randy

  4. You can like him – you can hate him – but that ball in the 10th frame, no one else does it better. He is perhaps the best natural talent out there. Imagine if he did not go thru the drug problem, the alcohol problem, the two divorces (Dee Dee and Kim), and more, he would have probably won 15 more titles by now. That release is phenomenal – to hook it so much with medium amount of revs and be so consistent with it. Best, thing, he keeps winning! Seems to be bowling as good as ever right now!

  5. I love Pete’s energy, silly quote aside I don’t see anything wrong with his celebration.  I can only imagine how much pressure there is to need a strike to win and the feelings that rush in when you throw it.  Great job by Fagan striking out in the 10th, both these guys have amazing releases. 

    1. SirGhostly ….i only bowled in leagues. Many times i needed a strike or mark to win. Yes…even there…it is a lot of pressure

  6. 4:28 He makes us “Pete’s” look bad. I bowl, and if there’s a noise, I blame it on myself for getting distracted.

  7. That open hand release Weber has did it again! One of the greatest title matches in the history of the PBA.

  8. Big Sean’s “Overtime” song got me here… Plus Pete Weber was THEE MAN in bowling! Great metaphor for Big Sean too lol

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