2012 Bowling’s 69th U.S. Open Stepladder Finals – Who Do You Think You Are? I am!

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Pete Weber tries to win his fifth U.S. Open title, which would be the all-time record, but has to get by Ryan Shafer, Jason Belmonte and Mike Fagan to succeed.

This is the event after which Weber exclaims these legendary words: "Who do you think you are? I am!"

Originally aired February 26, 2012 on ESPN from Brunswick Zone Carolier in North Brunswick, New Jersey.

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61 Comments on “2012 Bowling’s 69th U.S. Open Stepladder Finals – Who Do You Think You Are? I am!”

    1. Ronald Shank I mean… at that moment he is better than everyone in the building because he won.

      I don’t like him much either but it makes sense.

    2. Actually PDW has been an ambassador to the sport, a link to the past. He’s a lot like a small dog that thinks it’s a Rottweiler, when he’s bowling he’s and competitive arse, when he’s not he’s really a nice guy.
      His people skills are lacking by the observation of how many times he’s been married, compromise is a key to lasting relationships.

    1. What else is it considered? Are there actually people that idiotic? I could see the debate for poker but any physically oriented game where people compete to get a better score is a sport usually…

    1. I agree. His “a strike to claim it” call is every bit as effective as Al Michaels’ “ Do you believe in miracles, YES!”. He should do more bowling. His voice is subtle enough for the quiet intensity required to call this sport.

    1. @Ironfangzu pfft, I dont’ care who he is, I would have got up and started to dance on his approach, what an annoying prick.

  1. People to this day still don’t know who Pete was talking too. Some say it was a a guy, others say Pete was fighting with his inner demons. he’s crazy

    1. @OGMountain you must be fun at partys liking everything that everyone likes i dont have to like him

    1. @X Levels Deeper Wtf, dude?? 😂🤣 You’re NOT a bowling fan, but you said all that nonsense anyway??? I’m pretty sure most people looked this up to hear this fool say “Who Do You think You Are I am” 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Say what you want about Weber. He saved the sport on a pro level when it needed it. And he was present enough on TV every week that ratings took off. Plus he got even more clutch the older he got.

    1. Bill Crane He’s a huge WWE fan, that’s why I love Pete so much. Just wish there was an interview somewhere of him talking about WWE in length.

  3. This was the only bowling event I ever watched live … I picked the most legendary bowling event of all time

    1. Me, I wish he would just bowl last 2 Majors of 2021 so he could get 11 Majors to be the 2nd to have the most Majors under Belmo. But no and it’s ok. Good Luck on the PBA50 PDW, the best PBA US Open Champ.

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