2012 USBC Queens – A Look Back

BowlTV takes a look at the many striking styles of the wonderful women who bowled at the 2012 USBC Queens. Who's your favorite?

20 Comments on “2012 USBC Queens – A Look Back”

  1. Thanks a lot USBC! I always love you’re wrap up videos. Keep em coming.

    P.S. what was that purple and orange ball I saw some ladies throwing?

  2. BowlTV Thanks for a-l-l of your posts of this (and hopefully future) men’s a-n-d ladies’ tournaments. ‘Really like the “wrap-up” videos, too. Good way to size up individual styles (in great resolution I might add.) And, it’s great to see some of the rest of the field. Not just “the usual suspects” (great as they are.) Diandra, CDB, Liz, ‘Steph, etc. (Go Josie, btw.) Big thanks, again.

  3. Clara Guerrero is gona fly away one of these damn times with that flapping are swing!! Haha. Can we rotators cup surgery!! Lmao

  4. My favorite part about diandra asbaty is that pop that u hear when she realeases the ball…… As soon as i hear that pop ik its her lol

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