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  1. Temper is one way to put it, but I’d word it more like he amps himself up to much…Notice he was quick to the line and smooth by his standards until he screams… “It’s not over yet!!!!” All of a sudden he has to take extra time to calm himself down, balks the next 2 frames just to make a shot. Some people bowl better angry and jacked up (Pete Weber comes to mind), but some just need to keep an even keel because they can’t force themselves back down to earth.

  2. thank you for putting these up, the PBA shut down sundaysrforbowling, I don’t have tv so I really appreciate these going up ^_^

  3. he needs to work on staying relaxed and work on his mental game. the physical game is there, and he knows it. its the mental blocks he has that keep him from doing things he should do easily.

  4. Yep, Norton’s a lawyer. And his mom is Virginia Norton , a USBC Women’s Hall of Famer. There is a video of her and Earl bowling together in the 80’s on You Tube.

  5. It’s all to do with the Chassis settings (or M.C.U.) these, I think, are AMF 82-70 pinsetters (maybe AMF 82-90 pinsetters).
    This is one of the few times that the PBA have played on AMF machines and not the modern Brunswick GSX series.
    The Brunswick GSX is much faster at spotting and respotting pins than most AMF machines that’s why they are seemingly so slow.

  6. I like how everyone is calling Rash a “kid” when Belmo is the younger one. Sean Rash is like the A-Rod of bowling, very inconsistent, but when hes good no one can stop him. Just hasn’t been his year.

  7. I guess you can’t win’m all. All that percieved choking is really making it to the show alot. Dat show!

  8. I just watched a ’94 PBA Harrisburg Open(won by Randy Pedersen), where they said Walter Ray had been in 9 TV finals that year and won once(up to that point in August 94) I guess that’s what you mean!

  9. He absolutely crumbled in the WSOB though. Qualifying for so many shows and then flaming out of pretty much all of them?

    Basically, he could have so many MORE titles than he does, but something’s really holding him back. Someone like Weber makes a telecast and then straight up wins it. For Rash, there’s something that happens when those TV lights turn on that just unhinges him.

  10. I like the concept of team play. Here’s some options to create more interest:

    1. Teams should be named after CITIES.
    2. There should be at least two divisions.
    3. Rivalries create interest.
    4. The number of frames per game should be extended… a lot. Like to 27 frames per game.
    5. There should be a “spare shooter” rule, for those “southpaws” who are able to pick up difficult spares.
    6. If you sub a spare shooter in… enforce a penalty? How many times before the penalty?
    7. Playoffs?!

  11. I agree with ya, I think in time he will be..=-) I think he has a great game and will be an asset to this great game!

  12. I wonder why Sean used a shiny ball on a pattern where the oil widens down lane? When backends are tighter, but you still have front part of the lane to play with, aren’t solids with a bit of surface the way to go? The slower response to dry would smooth out the backend reaction and make his adjustments smaller. Scott Norton picked the better setup. The stronger ball gave him miss room left due to the slower response to dry and miss room right due to the strength of the ball. Great choices and good shots. Sean’s choices here left him bowling in a phone booth, but it probably gave him more hitting power shot to shot than Scott. Stronger margin for error won out over stronger hitting power. 

    I’ve seen Chuck Gardener push some weird decisions for Rash, but here and the World Championship against Barnes are where Chuck’s bad choices definitely cost Sean big.  

    1. +Joshua Taylor because straighter is greater on heavy oil. And he already had a spot to the right burned up. This is typical in the PBA..

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