2013 Lucas Oil PBA Bear Open Stepladder Finals

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The CBS Sports Network finals of the 2013 Lucas Oil PBA Bear Open featuring finalists Tom Hess, Dan MacLelland, Chris Loschetter, Chris Barnes and Jason Belmonte.

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19 Comments on “2013 Lucas Oil PBA Bear Open Stepladder Finals”

    1. Umm, i can do without Randy Pedersen, he’s kind of corny. I mean, i understand bowling isn’t like football or basketball, but it could be a bit more exciting

    2. Rob Stone was the best commentator with Randy Pedersen. He always had a lot of energy and made the sport interesting.

  1. Dan MacLelland: 197
    Tom Hess: 169

    Dan MacLelland: 223
    Chris Loschetter: 200

    Chris Barnes: 214
    Dan MacLelland: 187

    Jason Belmonte: 235
    Chris Barnes: 211

    Belmonte Wins!

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