2013 Lucas Oil PBA Milwaukee Open Stepladder Finals

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The CBS Sports Network finals of the 2013 Lucas Oil PBA Milwaukee Open featuring finalists Jason Sterner, Mike Fagan, Norm Duke, Pete Weber and Chris Barnes.

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24 Comments on “2013 Lucas Oil PBA Milwaukee Open Stepladder Finals”

  1. Great to see Dave Ryan again he was the best, don’t know why he doesn’t stay. My second favorite Mr Hambone!!!

  2. Norm Duke is the CLASSIEST bowler I’ve EVER seen, he’s just an all around good guy, and a great bowler as well, one of the best professional bowlers

  3. Was never a T.O. fan…as a matter of fact I despised him.   However, when he became involved with professional bowling….have to say I’m a big fan of his now!

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