2013 USBC Open Championships: Florida Team Makes History

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A look at the remarkable performance of Orlando, Florida's "Lodge Lanes Too" as they set the all-time team tournament record at the USBC Open Championships in Reno.

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13 Comments on “2013 USBC Open Championships: Florida Team Makes History”

  1. Could someone provide some clarification on how Scott Newell is bowling in the Open Championships? I was under the impression that PBA tour members were ineligible to bowl. Did he forfeit his card? Or am I mistaken and most pro bowlers simply don’t bother with competing? Thanks in advance to anyone who can explain this for me!

  2. Hmmm, when did they start using house patterns at the USBC Open Championships? JJ was about 5 boards inside of his first strike, and had unbelievable hold in the middle. Still great individual 233 average necessary to accomplish feat regardless of pattern, but with equipment nowadays, a lot easier to accomplish than before. Record will stand for maybe 2 years at most, before another team beats it. Once number is around 3700, in about 4-6 years, USBC will begin to ‘Tiger-Proof’ the lanes.

  3. used to be a system where touring 1 and 2 i believe could not compete but regional players could. it has something to do with exempt status for the current year i believe. they broke the lanes down perfectly. the shot newell sent wide and flushed and then jj getting a fall back 15 is certainly interesting…they still did some great and smart bowling..congrats

  4. I don’t understand how people can make the US open look so easy. Top level pros even struggle on it at times. =)

    1. It’s not the us open. It’s the usbc open I know that doesn seem like a difference but it is this pattern has a little hold in the middle and almost looks like a house shot on paper even tho it’s far from it.

    2. @codey sibley
      You’re right. My comment I made almost a year ago must have been from when I would binge watch bowling late at night. They still make it look easy. I respect bowlers at that level, even though the non-bowling world never will.

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